Our office has operated out of Coos Bay, Oregon since 1961 and continues with a staff of 3 state certified general appraisers, 2 state certified residential appraisers, FHA approved, and 2 data and clerical support personnel.  We are the largest appraisal firm on the Oregon Coast and have been in business 51 years. Our expertise is along the coast, as it is geographically unique and economically similar in many ways.

Our office has completed over 25,000 residential appraisals, including apartments, in Coos, Curry, and western Douglas Counties. Resource related properties including timberland with and without merchantable timber, ranch properties, cranberry bogs and farms are a significant component of our business. In addition, we appraise offices, shopping centers, retail developments, specialized commercial space, industrial sites, warehouses, riverfront and lakefront properties, vacant and improved oceanfront sites, and special purpose properties, including lands involving possible eminent domain proceedings, right of ways and easements of all types.  Zoning complexities are significant for most properties outside of urban environments and a primary focus of our work, in addition to the data gathering and analysis. With sufficient time, we can handle multiple appraisal assignments effectively with our well organized staff.

Our office in Coos Bay has computers in a network environment, copiers, scanners, digital cameras and full size county maps of Coos, Curry and western Douglas Counties. Aerial photography from the entire state of Oregon and ArcMap provide accurate analysis and visual data that is invaluable when comparing subject and sale properties.  Information sources include our full time data analyst, file data and photographs from 1961, access to RMLS services, county sale data services, all real property deed recordings and significant contacts in government and private sectors because of our long term presence on the south coast.
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